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For immediate release: October 6, 2009
TTC riders will learn what crowded means in ad campaign about eggs

(TORONTO – OCTOBER 6, 2009) Starting this week, Toronto subway riders will learn what crowded really means – in a TTC poster showing a cage full of dilapidated laying hens with a message to consumers: Choose organic or free-run eggs.

"It's easy to make more compassionate choices when it comes to buying eggs," says Lynn Kavanagh, a director with the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, the organization sponsoring the posters.  "On organic or free-run egg farms, hens are not caged.  If the egg carton does not say 'free run' or 'organic,' the eggs probably come from caged hens.

Canadian egg producers supply about 535 million dozen eggs a year from 20.2 million hens. Approximately 95% of these hens are confined to cruel battery cages where they don’t even have the space to spread a wing. By contrast, organic and free-run eggs come from hens housed in roomier digs. 

Hen-caging – standard practice on Canadian egg farms – is being phased out or banned in some jurisdictions including California in 2015 and Europe in 2012.

Check out the poster with a photo from a real Ontario egg farm:

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals:

Media contact: Lynn Kavanagh, 416.466.5328