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take action


Postcards for Loblaws


We are encouraging our supporters to send postcards to Loblaws about cage-free eggs. Please email us at info@humanefood.ca to indicate how many postcards you can use. Don't forget your mailing address.


To see what the cage-free postcard looks like, click here.



Sow Stalls


Visit our Sow Stall page for more information about alternatives.



Battery Cages - visit helpthechickens.ca


also Visit our “Battery Cage” page to find out about other ways you can help hens.


Horse Slaughter


Contact your MP to let him/her know you oppose the slaughter of horses for consumption and that you support a ban on this practice in Canada. Click here to find your MP.




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Support Our Work


It takes time and money to advocate for farm animals. CCFA is a volunteer-run organization. Please go to our donations page to see the alternative ways to contribute to CCFA.