Board members

Edana Brown
Edana is a copywriter who divides her time between husband, two kids, two cats, and three dogs. A board member since 2012, she lives with her family in Mississauga.

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie has an abiding concern for the well-being of farmed animals. She is co-founder and volunteer administrator of CCFA, a dealer in antique jewelry, and lives with her family — human and feline — in Toronto.

Vicki Fecteau
Vicki is a retired engineer who now devotes her time to volunteering with the deaf-blind and working on animal welfare issues. In the summer, she likes to go sailing with her husband and three cats.

Anne Griffin
Anne works providing recreational activities in a seniors' home. In her spare time, she goes skiing, hiking and cycling. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two cats.

Lynn Kavanagh
Lynn is a devoted animal advocate who, when she isn't volunteering for CCFA, works as a Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection. She lives in Toronto with her husband and six cats. She also volunteers with a local cat rescue group helping to manage a feral cat colony.

Claire Prime
Claire works in communications and enjoys spending time with animals, including her three cats and husband.