Board members

Maureen Boag
Maureen graduated as a programmer and worked for The Toronto Star for 11 years. After taking 10 years off to raise 3 children, she returned part time to Metroland Media (Torstar) for another 19 years. Since taking an early retirement, she dedicates her time to animal welfare. She is the proud grandmother of 6 and lives in Toronto with her cat Belle.

Edana Brown
Edana is a copywriter who divides her time between husband, two kids, two cats, and three dogs. A board member since 2012, she lives with her family in Mississauga.

Vicki Fecteau
Vicki is a retired engineer who now devotes her time to volunteering with the deaf-blind and working on animal welfare issues. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two cats, Momo and Mommy aka Mr. and Mrs. Black.

Anne Griffin
Anne works providing recreational activities in a seniors' home. In her spare time, she goes skiing, hiking and cycling. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two cats.

Roni Hanig
Roni Hanig has worked in the labor movement, taught ESL and participated in program evaluations. She has been advocating for and supporting animal rights, inspired by the well of love of all her dog and cat companions over the years. Concern for the plight of mules and donkeys led to concern for the plight of all farm animals. Roni lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband and their newly adopted ten-year old terrier, Grif.