Canadian government announcement of market access to export $40 million worth of live cattle to the United Arab Emirates

On Dec. 20, the Canadian government announced a trade agreement giving market access for Canadian cattle producers to export $40 million in live dairy cattle to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for slaughter.

The dairy cows will be shipped for breeding purposes, with the goal of producing more dairy calves and milk in the UAE. The long transport will be extremely stressful to the animals. In addition, once their milk production wanes, the animals will be killed using halal slaughter methods where animals are not stunned prior to exsanguination.

CCFA opposes long-distance transportation of farm animals and this new deal is a reminder that Canada's current regulations are in desperate need of an overhaul.

You can help. Please write to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz asking that he improve Canada's transport regulations for farm animals.

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