The Marchioness and Michael McCain:  Never the twain shall meet

Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. is the largest producer and slaughterer of pigs in Canada.

In June, Tracy Worcester, the U.K’s Marchioness of Worcester, and CCFA’s Stephanie Brown requested a meeting with Maple Leaf CEO Michael McCain to ask Maple Leaf to provide straw for the pigs they raised and slaughter.  Straw is a basic need for pigs.

Mr. McCain declined to meet, indicating his schedule was far too busy.  When Tracy and Stephanie went to Maple Leaf’s Toronto headquarters at the appointed hour with a symbolic straw bale, they were met by security guards who escorted them off the property.  After numerous calls up to Maple Leaf offices, Tracy was permitted, with a security escort, to drop off written questions for Mr. McCain along with a DVD of her film, Pig Business.

One of the questions asked Mr. McCain whether he would confine his dog in a steel crate for four months – unable to walk or turn around – like pregnant sows are confined.  To date, Mr. McCain has not replied.

Tracy & Stephanie

straw bale