Investigation Sheds Light on Suffering

January 3, 2006

In the summer and fall of 2005, the Animal Protection Institute (API) and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) carried out a landmark investigation into the transport of live farmed animals throughout the United States — uncovering shocking conditions and long days and nights of grueling travel. The investigation documented the transport of live cows within the United States and the transport of pigs from the U.S. to Mexican slaughterhouses.

Protections for transported farmed animals are desperately needed, as revealed in undercover footage and eyewitness testimony gathered by the API/CIWF investigation.

Investigators documented animals arriving at and proceeding through auction with broken legs, infected eyes, foaming mouths, and bleeding cuts and sores. Dead and downed animals were also seen at the auctions. In addition, investigators filmed the unloading of "cull sows" (mother pigs from factory farms) destined for slaughter. Many of these pigs had difficulty walking, having spent nearly their entire lives in confinement.

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injured pig