Let Australia know you oppose live export

Animals Australia has released video footage of Australian cattle being butchered alive in Egyptian slaughterhouses. These animals endure gruelling journeys many weeks long from Australia to the Middle East and Indonesia, only to face the torture of slashed tendons, gouged eyes -- in short: unspeakable agony. To learn more:

Several Australian farming organizations have now temporarily halted the live export trade in response to the recent video. But this is not the first time the Australian government has stopped live export due to welfare issues like this, There have been promises from trade partners that conditions in these countries will improve; however, as this latest video proves, Australia simply cannot control slaughter activity in Cairo from a desk in Canberra.

Australia can, however, stop shipping its live animals -- animals that are the responsibility of its own farmers -- and trade in processed meat instead.

Please speak up for those who can't. Contact Her Excellency Louise Hand, Australian High Commissioner to Canada, and politely let her know that Australia cannot allow live export to continue. By doing so, Australia is complying with this brutality, and is undoing many years of progressive policy on animal welfare.

You can contact Ms. Hand:

By mail and phone:
Suite 710 - 50 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6L2
Telephone: (613) 236 0841
Fax: (613) 216 1321

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By email:
You can email the Australian Consulate-General and Trade Commission in Toronto at