Canadian animal transport regulations under revision
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Canada’s animal transportation guidelines desperately need updating. Now is a unique opportunity to express your views to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency about existing transport standards, the adoption of new welfare standards and adequate enforcement. Transportation is an issue that impacts virtually all farmed animals. This paper addresses issues affecting farmed animals only.

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The basics

For a more detailed look at this issue, click here to view CCFA's submission (pdf).

Send an email to:

Honourable Gerry Ritz
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

requesting that he revise Canada's outdated transport regulations to be consistent with the findings of the EU Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Welfare, to reduce transport time for pigs, poultry, horses, calves and lambs to 8 hours, and 12 hours for cattle, sheep and goats, and ensure adequate enforcement of the regulations.

Or email your MP requesting that s/he support revisions to Canada's transport regulations.

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Excerpts from current Canadian animal transportation standards

This link to the Justice Department contains Canada’s current animal transportation regulations (Health of Animals Regulations, Part XII). Please note the website is not up-to-date and does not include the important recent amendment which disallows transport of downer animals.

What Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals and Animals’ Angels want in the revised animal transport regulations

The comments below are not inclusive of all transport issues affecting farmed animals, but highlight key regulatory issues.

Animals should be slaughtered as near as possible to the farm of rearing.

Given our position against long-distance transport, it may seem incongruous to recommend times for such travel. However, because long-distance transport is unlikely to end in the short term, suffering can be lessened by adoption of more animal-friendly transport standards. Thus we recommend the following maximum standards:




If protection cannot be assured, animals should not leave Canada.

Comparative animal transport standards: New Zealand

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Thank you for your concern about transportation of farmed animals.