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Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

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Government information

Canada is deficient in its legislation and regulations protecting farm animals and promoting animal welfare in general. Confinement practices such as gestation crates and battery cages are tolerated and even promoted as humane. Federal transport regulations are so outdated; it is safe to say our regulations are one of the worst, if not the worst, among developed nations. Visit our campaigns pages (battery cages, sow stalls, animal transport, other issues) for more information on these issues.

When it comes to farm animals, Canada’s governments prefer to defer to the agriculture industry to self-regulate. In this regard, a number of Codes of Practice have been developed over the years for various farm animal species. The Codes are available on the National Farm Animal Care Council.

The transport of farm animals is governed by the Health of Animals Act, Part XII. This can be accessed on the CFIA’s website.

In addition, an addendum to the Act, The Compromised Animals Policy, covering the transport of non-ambulatory animals, can be viewed at this link.

The slaughter of animals, including religious slaughter, is governed by the Meat Inspection Act, Part III, and can be viewed at this link.

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