Canadian Coalition For Farm Animals

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

Improving The Lives Of Farmed Animals Since 2005

Photo: Paul Novosad

Recent Wins

Making changes to improve the lives of farmed animals can sometimes take years. As a colleague once said, “You lose and lose and lose and then you win.” 

 Following are some “victories”  

1) CCFA campaigned vigorously for shorter transportation times without food, water and rest for animals being taken to slaughter. The result was a change to the federal Health of Animals Regulations to reduce the transportation times 

2) CCFA became aware of the number of barn fires where animals died. Working with provincial and territorial agriculture ministries, rural fire departments, insurance companies, the National Research Council, the number of barn fires with animal deaths decreased considerably. 

 3) CCFA campaigned for better conditions for breeding sows who were confined to tiny cages for their entire lives. The National Farm Animal Care Council issued a new Code of Practice for Sows that stated that they should be in group housing rather than individual cages. 

 4) Video surveillance in slaughterhouses had been on the agenda for some time. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has agreed “in principle” to install VS. The current campaign is for a commitment to a plan. 

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