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Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

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Adopt A Vegan Diet

The Majority Of Farm Animals — Those Kept In Intensive Agriculture Systems (Factory Farms) — Are Subjected To Pain And Suffering For Most, If Not All, Of Their Lives. In A Minority Of Cases, Animals Raised For Meat, Dairy And Eggs Are Given Outdoor Access And Are Treated With More Care And Respect Than Those On Factory Farms. Even These Animals May Be Subject To Painful Surgical Procedures And The Stress Of Transport And Slaughter.

Except In Rare Cases, Labeling Of Animal Products Does Not Reflect Animal Treatment Or Animal Welfare. The Most Compassionate Choice, Therefore, Is To Not Eat Animals Or The Products Produced With Them.

A Vegan Diet Is The Most Eco-Friendly Since Animal Production Requires More Water And Land To Grow Feed. Excessive Consumption Of Animal Protein, As Is Typical In Western Countries, Is Unhealthy And Linked To Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes And Certain Cancers.

If You Are A Consumer Of Animal Products, Consider Eliminating Or Reducing Your Consumption Of Meat, Eggs And Dairy Products. Not Only Will You Reduce Animal Suffering, But Your Diet Will Be More Sustainable And Healthy.

For More Information, See Our Meat Alternatives Fact Sheet.

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